Most-clicked features in 2013

Miranda Hart
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We've totted up the clicks - here are our most popular features in 2013...


10. Incoming: Jenny Bede tries not to read the comments


9. The Cariad show: Cariad SPEAKS about New Girl, Jessie Cave, and TV commissioning...


8. Harry Deansway is angry and he isn’t going to take it any more


7. Paul Sinha interview: we trip up The Chase star with a tough line of questioning



6. 13 things to look forward to in comedy in 2013


5. Plebs’ Tom Rosenthal interview: ‘we can do stories about incest’


4. The Daily Mail guide to feigning outrage about comedy


3. Chris Dangerfield interview: how to spend £150,000 on prostitutes in 18 months


2. Ten things Miranda Hart has done, other than Miranda


1. Secret Edinburgh: the guidebook penned by over 160 comedy acts

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These are interesting stuff

These are interesting stuff here. I enjoyed reading it actually. - Sanda Dyche

I love reading these great

I love reading these great stories from 2013 and I am ready for 2014! - Nicki Minaj

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