We're putting together a book on The Cat Laughs, and we need YOUR stories

Kilkenny Sky Cat Laughs 2014
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Kilkenny's Cat Laughs festival is 20 this year. Help us tell the best stories from two decades of comedy...

Bill Murray, Woody Harrelson, Eddie Izzard, Zach Galafianakis: you would be hard-pushed to find a comedy festival with as starry a history as the Sky Cat Laughs festival, celebrating two decades in Kilkenny this May
It's become a meeting point for the best of Irish comedy - with Andrew Maxwell, Dara O’Briain, David O’Doherty and Jason Byrne among the regulars - as well as top British talent and exotic imports from around the world.
Last year alone saw Judah Friedlander, Kevin Bridges, Marcus Brigstocke, Jimmy Cricket, Rich Hall, Tony Law, Dylan Moran and Abandoman join the party. 
Such Small Portions are now putting together a book to celebrate both the festival's history and the area itself as a follow-up to last summer's Secret Edinburgh.
We're contacting all the acts who have appeared in the last twenty years (and do drop us a line if that includes you), but we're also after stories and photos from both local people and punters alike about their encounters with comedians in the city.
Andrew Mickel, one of the book’s editors, said: “We’re working closely with the festival to make sure this guide reflects every side of the event: we’re already gathering stories from comedians about their favourite places in Kilkenny, and now we’re after stories from punters about playing host to the comedians.
“We know that any festival that has pulled in Bill Murray, Woody Harrelson and Eddie Izzard will have created some awesome local legends, and we want to make sure we get them documented. Let us know your stories and photos so we can do the festival justice!”
You can send in stories or photos to andrew.mickel@gmail.com, or send them to us via Facebook
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This is what I need from all

This is what I need from all the stress from school, I so wanted a quick laugh to smile and to be able to put all those school stuff behind even for just a while. I can't wait for all those funny ones, I had one but I don't think I can share it yet. I am still bound to write some essay stuff with the help of this site http://rewardedessays.com/blog/how-to-write-an-outline-for-an-essay

The Cat Laughs

I like comedy movies and shows which make me feel better. As an

aussiewriter, I have written so many comedy stories and I have ever posted it. This is really great opportunity for the writers who want to share their stories in the festival.

tempat wisata

That is actually a fantastic

That is actually a fantastic idea that you have thought of and I gurantee that it would really be a great thing for others too. - Adam LaFavre


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