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Tim Key
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See the Single White Slut first...

Invisible Dot poster-child Tim Key is very probably atop the list of comedians who can be utterly hilarious with just a look – or at a push, an ominous smile. It’s the subtle sort of approach that brings his poetry to life. Often copied, it’s yet to be bettered.
He’s now back with Single White Slut – but if you missed out on tickets for his Soho Theatre run, fear not! He’s going to be setting up shop in Dalston’s Arcola Tent for most of March. You can pick tickets up from The Invisible Dot, and we’ve got a pair of tickets up for grabs as well for a date of your choice in March. Just email us and we’ll pick a winner! Extra points if you write a poem. UPDATE: after several hundred 'poems' were submitted we've picked a winner and they're on their way to see Tim do his thang.
Let’s learn some more about Tim from a press release.
Award-winning comedian, relentless innovator, author, and cult shambles TIM KEY returns with 18 nights of his brand new production SINGLE WHITE SLUT, his forth solo show, and his first since 2011’s groundbreaking (& award-winning) MASTERSLUT. Key (37 now) wades back into the Arcola Tent, and will recollect simple tales of love, gaze dead-eyed at the ladies, recite verse and do basic talking. Never one to shy away from pushing the envelop of live comedy, Tim’s new show features choreography by Punchdrunk-collaborator Sarah Dowling. SINGLE WHITE SLUT is a show of enchanting surprise, lyrical prose, and razor-sharp wit. 
Having won the Edinburgh Comedy Award for 2009’s THE SLUTCRACKER (beating John Bishop, Jon Richardson, and Russell Kane), Tim Key has fast established himself as one of the most dynamic, exciting, and innovative live comedy performers of the last decade. Whilst Key is renowned for his role as Sidekick Simon in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, and as resident poet on Charlie Brooker’s Screen/News/WeeklyWipe, it is in a live context in which his influence has been defined. Key’s work has boldly led the way for a collection of talented young acts taking inspiration from his irreverent onstage persona, subtle turns-of-phrase, and offbeat comic ingenuity. 
Key’s reputation at the Edinburgh Fringe was galvanised during his time as one quarter of sketch-ensemble COWARDS – a group that recorded two BBC Radio 4 series, and one BBC Four TV show – throughout the 00s, and forming acclaimed double-act FREEZE! with regular collaborator Tom Basden (creator of Plebs (ITV2) & writer on Peep Show & Fresh Meat). In 2007, Key co-wrote and starred in BAFTA-nominated short The One and Only Herb McGwyer Plays Wallis Island and in 2009 was part of the Fringe First-winning cast for Basden’s play Party (will shortly become a BBC TV pilot). 
He has had three of his books published, released a vinyl-recording of his poetry (TIM KEY WITH A STRING QUARTET. ON A BOAT.), and has written and presented two BBC Radio 4 documentaries. Recently Key starred alongside DANIEL KITSON in his Manchester Exchange production Tree (the first time Kitson has opened his storytelling work to an onstage collaborator). SINGLE WHITE SLUT was developed as a ‘work-in-slutgress’ at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. 
Superb. Now get emailing…
Tim Key
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I am a great fan of Tim Key

I am a great fan of Tim Key who is a very good comedian. Very happy to know about his new show. I will surely try my best to participate in his show. So I will win the ticket for his show.

Tim Key`s is the best

Tim Key`s is the best comedian of this time who can make any person laugh with hiis comedy, his hilarious comedy in his behavior which will bring smile on everyone face. I have read many good revies from on him. I am being a great fan of his show I would like to get ticket for his show which can be good enjoyment watching his comedy. I don`t want to miss this show.


The show by award winning comedian and the details associated with the same discussed here is very informative and I like to thank the blog for sharing such valuable piece of writing with the public. I admire this article for the well-researched content and excellent wording.

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Nah, maybe I can share this

Nah, maybe I can share this to my friens. He was big fan of Tim Key, me? Not really :)

Hope he wins the ticket and can fullfill his dreams lol :D

BTW I wondering, will Tim have a concert in Jakarta this years? Hmm

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