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Rolf Harris plays the Jazz stage at Glastonbury 2009

Rolf Harris at Glastonbury Festival

If you’re waking up feeling like an escapee from some strange experimental spa then it can only mean one thing; it’s your second day at Glastonbury. Read more »

The Early edition at Glastonbury; playing tribute to Michael Jackson

Glastonbury 2009 Jacko T-shirts

Day two of Glastonbury (officially really day one) and already the musical event of the weekend is not going to emerge from the likes of the Pyramid Stage, uexpectedly it came from across the pond Read more »

Glastonbury 2009 blog: covering the comedy and avoiding the mud

So here we go again. Glastonbury 2009 has (un)officially kicked off and it is a day earlier than last year. Read more »

Glastonbury festival 2008 live review: Marcus Brigstocke

It’s easy to assume that all the comedy is going on at the Cabaret Marquee, but Glastonbury has various venues for all kinds of spoken-word performances. Read more »

Live review, Amy WInehouse on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury 2008

Glastonbury has played host to some of the biggest and best names in comedy this weekend – many of whom we at have had the pleasure of reviewing for you – but the Read more »

Glastonbury festival 2008 live review: Brendan Burns

Never invite Brendan Burns to dinner. If you did he would manage to insult the entire table before sitting and in the process slag off anything from the royal family to biscuits. Read more »

Tom Chivers' Glastonbury Blog

What do they say about giving a guy a soap box? Were not sure but to find out we've given tom a festival blog all to himself. Read more »

Glastonbury 2008: Phil Nichol and Jim Jeffries at the cabaret tent

First day at Glastonbury and the cabaret tent played host to the likes of Phil Nichol, Jim Jeffries, Arthur Smith and all his comedy friends. Read more »

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