Jimmy Carr and the house that looked like Hitler

Jimmy Carr
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Jimmy Carr has helped cause a stir in the world of twitter after posting a tweet of a house that looked like Hitler.

The picture of the house had been circulating on the micro-blogging site before being picked up by Carr, who posted a comment which read ‘Morning. Here's a house that looks like Hitler. Your welcome.’.
It isn’t often that a suburban dwelling has a striking resemblance to a dictator, but the house concerned, in Swansea, has a slanting roof which resembles the fuhrer’s hair, as well as a lintel which is similar to the moustache, and upper windows for eyes.
The owner of the house however had been unaware of the circulating pic as he had never heard of twitter. 
The pic was taken by Charli Dickenson, 22, who noticed the resemblance after begin stuck in traffic with her boyfriend. 
Speaking to the South Wales Echo, she said. “I was in the car with my boyfriend and we were stuck in traffic — and I just said to him: "That house looks like Hitler."
"We both laughed about it. I took a picture and posted it on Twitter.
"It's very funny — everyone who has seen the picture says it looks like Hitler."