Lewis Schaffer's American Guide To England heads to Leicester Square Theatre

Lewis Schaffer with an American flag
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Lewis Schaffer, the comedian behind one of the London live comedy circuit's longest-running free shows looks to have finally turned his hand to paid gigs.

The American comic is heading to the Leicester Square Theatre for a run of weekend shows which aims to teach English people about England. 
According to Schaffer – who has lived in the UK for over a decade – ‘he isn’t a tourist, he isn’t here on business, he’s a hostage’.
The Guide To England shows will see Schaffer delve into both the love and loathing he has for the nation which he has adopted as his own (whether he admits it or not).
The comedian has also pointed out that his England also includes Scotland, Wales and often Ireland.
Schaffer is considered one of the most unique acts around. Both praised and punished by critics, he has produced many memorable moments during his UK residency.
As a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – where SSP interviewed him after he punched a punter in the face – he once courted controversy by releasing a press release purporting to be the new sponsor of the Edinburgh Comedy Awards. 
The release stated that he had paid £99 to sponsor the awars ‘with his mother as a judge’ and to change the name of the awards - which are considered the pinnacle of stand-up accolades – to ‘The Lewies’.
The stunt was reported in a number of publications and led to the threat of legal action by the organisers of the awards.
Aside from his free shows Schaffer is a DJ on Resonance FM where he hosts his own U.S.-orientated programme, he has been a regular on the London live comedy circuit for many years. Schaffer has run his free shows since the fall, 2009, totalling 368 shows so far. 
The shows are to be performed on Sundays starting 3rd March, and ending on 21 April and cost £10.
Intrigued about his new shows, SSP asked Schaffer what an audience can expect from his Guide To England. Here are his own top ten reasons:
Top Ten Reasons Why My Sunday Shows Costs £10 when you can still see me for free at my Tuesday and Wednesday shows.
  • Research has shown that I’m the funniest 6 PM on Sundays in the Leicester Square Theatre.
  • You will be in an audience with other people who will have paid ten pounds. Think quality.
  • You will think this show is ten pounds better than the shows I do for free.
  • £8 seemed petty. £15 seemed too much. Martin Witts of the Leicester Square Theatre thought it £10 ‘sounded about right.’
  • You can believe that the  ‘better people’ are voluntarily giving me more than a tenner at my Tuesday and Wednesday show.
  • £10 is £35 cheaper than £45. And £90 cheaper than £100. Think of the savings.
  • There is no free Lewis Schaffer show on 6pm on Sunday.
  • Because you’re worth it.
  • I’m famous in Leicester Square.
  • I’m Lewis Schaffer, Biatch!


Tickets are available from The Leicester Square Theatre website.