Robin Ince and Rolling Stones head to Glastonbury 2013

Robin Ince and Brian Cox
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Robin Ince and the Rolling Stones are headlining the Theatre & Circus and Pyramid stages at Glastonbury Festival 2013.

The Rolling Stones are heading to the Pyramid Stage (if we needed to point that out) while Robin Ince is taking his hit show The Infinite Monkey Cage to the Theatre & Circus Arena alongside acts such as Abandoman and Marcus Brigstocke.
Known as one of the most popular acts in the last half century Robin Ince has won a coveted Sony Radio Award for his show, which is co-hosted with Prof Brian Cox.
The Rolling Stones meanwhile are headlining the festival for the first-ever time in their career.
Known for thier hits such as Paint It Black, and Sympathy for the Devil it is faior to say that Glastonbury have pulled of the scoop of the century by confirming the band for the Saturday Night headling slot.
Joining the Stones in the musical realm are Robin Ince's own favourites; Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Bad Seeds, Cat Power, Elvis Costello.
Glastonbury are due to announce more comedy over the coming weeks but so far the line-up in the Theatre & Circus tent includes Marcus Brigstocke, Abandoman, Ray Hutchins, The Monsters of Schlack, Chris Bull, Pirates of the Carabina, Josie Long, The Demon Barbers, Maia, Olivier Grossetete and Twister.
Among the bands on offer are Primal Scream, Billy Bragg, Rufus Wainwright, Jake Bugg, Mumford & Sons, Arctic Monkeys. Here's the poster: