Sarah Millican in Facebook row after fan filmed gig

Sarah Millican
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Comedian Sarah Millican has been embroiled in a row with a fan who she spotted recording her gig at Wolverhampton Civic Hall last Friday.

According to the local newspaper Millican spotted a member of the audience using her mobile phone to record a 10-second snippet of the show during the gig but the incident was laughed off after a friendly exchange. 
However the mirth turned sour after the audience member, Clare Evans, posted on Millican’s Facebook wall. 
According to the Express & Star Evans wrote: “Just seen your show in Wolves, it was fab, I was the lady videoing you in the front row, great show xxx.”
To which Millican replied: “Did you delete it as I take these things very seriously? I really hope you don’t come to any more of my shows. You’re not welcome if you’re to behave in such a disrespectful way.
“What you did is basically theft and against the rules of the theatre.”
Comedians have become more protective of their live shows in recent years after finding much of their work cropping up online on YouTube. 
As is becoming of social media, an online equivalent of a bar brawl ensued with fans making their own thoughts both for and against Millican on the social networking site.


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