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Jimmy Carr has pulling power. Whether it’s the ability to get the crowds into shows or to whip the right-wing press into another pointless frenzy there is rarely a time when the comedian is not in the headlines.

A graduate from Cambridge with a 2:1 in political sciences, Carr may delve into triviality in his humour, but behind those one-liner’s is an astute and intelligent mind.

Born in 1972, Carr worked as a marketing executive for Shell before he quit his post to turn to comedy.

He quickly made a name for himself on the circuit and was nominated for a Perrier Comedy Award in 2002, Carr has also been named best stand-up at the Time Out Awards in 2003, the Loaded Laftas ‘funniest man’ in 2005. However Carr’s main achievement has been the British Comedy Award for Best Live Stand-up’ for his 2006 live show Gag Reflex.

A TV career followed shortly after Carr’s stand-up took off, and since then has become a regular face on comedy panel shows and one of the four-strong team which makes up Channel 4’s Ten O’Clock Live.

Carr is also an avid cyperspace fan, and has the world record for the first comedian to perform a live gig in cyberspace with a show airing on Second Life.

According to an interview with GQ Carr uses a £25 casio watch while on stage which vibrates when he has done an hour of material, that way he knows when to take a break.

Carr has been a target for many groups, from Daily Mail columnist and part-time homophobe Jan Moir to any number of charities and members of the public who find his jokes abhorrent.

Among the jokes which have caused controversy is one about servicemen that lost limbs and another about downs syndrome. However Carr has defended his material, stating that he never means to intentionally set out to offend anyone.

Speaking about the nature of his comedy Carr said: “Criticism of me is absolutely valid.

“I’ll always be a comedian who people either love or hate. People have the right to be offended, but I also reserve the right of freedom of speech to make a joke about whatever I want.”
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