Trine Munk

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Trine Munk

When Trine Munk tells you that she does Music Comedy you think its a joke!

She has an awkward Danish accent on her vulnerable voice. And even though this quirky new-comer to the London Comedy Circuit has a problem holding on to her guitar and controlling her vibrating kneecaps, she doesn't give up trying to be a female comedian.
After painting on a moustache every morning for 3 years, in a journey for gender identity; writing songs; organizing the Copenhagen Queer Festival; working in a group called Queer Jihad; comforting depressed friends; studying Shiatsu; spending 6 years in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, trying to not become an artist but a truck driver and discovering some internalized racism, Trine Munk decided it was time to have some fun away from the queer-feminist art audience.
So she lost the moustache, but none of her political bite, and started doing comedy.
Recently her best friend told her “I think the weirdest thing I have ever experienced is that you do comedy”. So be prepared for some laid-back quirkiness and hope that it's a funny joke.
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