Jimmy Carr given taxing time by builders

Jimmy Carr
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Jimmy Carr has found himself being heckled by a group of builders who are working near his home in London

Carr’s girlfriend has made a complaint over lewd behaviour after the builders started yelling ‘Pay your f***ing taxes, Jimmy!’ at the comedian.
Carr hit the headlines earlier this year after it was revealed that he had been using an off-shore account in Jersey to lower his tax bill, with even PM David Cameron condemning the use of the scheme.
Carr had put around £3.3m a year in to the Jersey-based K2 tax shelter until a public backlash.
The builders, who are working on a school near his home in Swiss Cottage in London, also heckled Carr with jibes such as ‘lend us a tenner’. 
According to the Daily Star Carr’s neighbour Sarah Spence said: “There were about 10 builders at the school and when they heard Jimmy Carr lived nearby they kept an eye out for him.
“He values his time at home and was obviously annoyed to be reminded of his tax affairs every time he walked out of his front door.
“Still, that will teach him to pay his tax in future.”