Watch: The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains! finale

The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains
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Can humans win out and will Chris Kendall stop dying? It's the TDTCTSOOB finale...

Have you been following The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains? Your friend and ours, Bob Pipe, has pulled together the most ridiculous cast going for the ten-part series, which is coming to an end.

That cast in full is *deep breath*: Warwick Davis, Chris Kendall (Crabstickz), Richard Glover, Phil Whelans, James Wren, Phil Nichol, Terry Alderton, Carey Marx, James Redmond, Rob Rouse, Nick Helm, Ricky Grover and Andre Vincent.

We're sure there's some other comedy folks that have popped up that aren't on that list over the series, so take a look for yourself. 

Warwick Davis is in charge of YouTube channel the Multiverse, which is screening the series, and shows sci-fi-led vids as part of YouTube's efforts to generate more original content...


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